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Preventative Health

Disease prevention and health promotion are our priority to ensure a healthy quality of life.  Our doctors and nurses pride themselves in the prevention of disease which is essential to providing comprehensive primary healthcare regardless of your age, gender, disease or condition.

We tailor healthcare and lifestyle advice for you on;

quitting smoking

healthy eating and drinking

weight loss

stress management and relaxation

good sleep practices


We also have a number of health checks available to you:

Heart Health Check

Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia, killing one Australian every 12 minutes. This check is available if you are 45 years or older (30 years or older if you identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander). The check helps you to understand your risk factors for heart disease and estimates how likely you are to have a heart attack or stroke in the next five years.

Full Health check

Available to all our patients aged 20-74, this check-up consists of a full review of all aspects of your health – a plan is developed to keep you healthy. This health check is valuable to all, including those who maintain a regular exercise regime, eat well and enjoy good health.

45-49 health assessment

Government funded and available to this age range who are at risk of developing a chronic disease. This may be due to lifestyle factors such as smoking, physical inactivity, excess weight, biomedical risk factors where there is no outward sign of a problem (such as blood pressure and high cholesterol)  or simply to a family history of chronic disease.

Over 75 health assessment

Government funded and available for patients over the age of 75. This annual health check consists of a comprehensive review of your lifestyle, mobility, medication, nutrition, exercise, safety in the home, care arrangements and support networks. The aim is to help you maintain maximum fitness, health and vitality to support you each day.




We encourage you to have your annual flu shot as the flu vaccine changes yearly to keep up with the most common strains. Vaccination from mid-April onwards is likely to result in peak immunity during the flu season.

Flu vaccines are also free for:

Pregnant women (a flu vaccine can be safely given at any stage of pregnancy)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 6 months and older

Patients with chronic conditions or are severely immuno-compromised

There is no fee for the consultation, just the cost of the flu vaccine, if applicable.

For more information about the flu vaccine, please visit 2024 Fluvax Information.